Willem Veerman


Country Road 210 x 140 cm

The main materials I use are pencil and charcoal

In 2009/2010 I painted a series monumental industrial landscapes in oil paint. During the last few years, I moved away from oil paintings and I currently work predominantly with pencil and charcoal. I used to be a sailor and based on this experience, I now focus on the sea and all its aspects , varying from sea harbours, views, light and different tides. They have become the focus of my current work. I capture silence in a dramatic way. The world seems to have come to a complete stop in his drawings. My forest drawings are fairy tales, the landscapes’ horizons appear to be endless, rough seas, moreover, you can almost hear the whispering waves of the changing tides. The fierce silence which crushes the earth’s noise. With very simple means, I am able to depict a world that did not exist before…. or did it?

Paper, charcoal and erasers
The distance between the soul and materials couldn’t be any shorter
It is a way of thinking

Education: Academy of Utrecht 1980-1984
Mebership: Pulchri Studio The Hague

Nominated Van Ommeren de Voogt Prize 2017